gheemkim (GHEEM Sookyoung)
born in 1992, Daegu, South Korea
based in Paris, France



  • 2024 May
JPO, (ré)édition
Montrouge,  France
  • 2024 July
59Rivoli, Paris, Fr


  • 2023
The Third place
Korean Cultural Center, Paris, FR
  • 2023
Le Salon
La Villa des Arts, Paris, FR
  • 2023
불혹 . 유혹  | 不惑 . 有惑
Kim bo seong art center, Seoul, KR
  • 2023
40e exposition de l’AJAC
Space SAZIC, Seoul, KR
  • 2023
M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Metaverse Exhibition
  • 2022
16th Venice International Art Fair 2022,
curated by Luca Curci

Palazzo Bembo, Venice, IT
  • 2022
Cica Museum, Gimpo-si, KR
  • 2022
Être et Paraître
Korean Cultural Center, Paris, FR
  • 2022
Futur Parfait III
La Générale Nord-Est, Paris, FR
  • 2022
Baek, Interprétations du Vide
la Maison de la Corée, Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, Paris, FR
  • 2021
14&15th Arte Laguna Finalist Exhibition
Arte Laguna Prize, Arsenal of Venice, Venice, IT
  • 2021
Outre Mesure
Korean Cultural Center, Paris, FR
  • 2021
Hackney Downs Studios, London, UK
  • 2021
Boomer Gallery, London, UK
  • 2020
Ici, Cet endroit étranger a pris vie depuis que j’y ai mis les pieds.
La Villa des Arts, Paris, FR
  • 2020
24Beaubourg, Paris, FR
  • 2019
Oh les Beaux-jours !
MAME, Tours, FR
  • 2018
Les Corps de l’Archive
Palais des Congrès de Tours, Tours, FR


  • 2013
13th EXiS
Experimental Film and Video Festival

Cinematheque KOFA(Korean Film Archive),
 Seoul, KR


Interview with Luca Curci
during the 16th VENICE INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2022, at Palazzo Bembo.


  • 2022
La Générale Nord-Est, Paris, FR


  • Finalist
  • 15th Arte Laguna Prize 2021
  • Finalist
  • COCA Project 2021 (Center Of Contemporary Artists)
Recommended Artists From the Jury
- Sculpture/Installation Category
  • Premio Combat Prize 2021
    Certificate of Artistic Merit
  • Luxembourg Art Prize 2021

I bring the weight to weightless fragments. 

    Some things do exist, although invisible. I, as an artist, shed light on how intangible fragments affect us. I have been shifting from place to place. I perceive the change in each living space through metaphysical concepts, like time difference, smell, language, and atmosphere. As I slowly assimilate and adjust to a new environment, my work forms itself accordingly by melting into its surrounding.

    The assemblage of organic materials is based on their potential for transformation and intrinsic properties. With their fleeting and fragile composition, I reconstruct conflicting moments between the individual and the external environment. Through visualizing these moments, I lead viewers to explore how intangible fragments in our ordinary affect us.

winter, 2023

GHEEM Sookyoung is a South Korean artist who has made a significant impact on the international art scene with her original and powerful works. Her exhibition experience in cities around the world, including Venice, London, Paris and Korea, demonstrates her talent and ability to connect with audiences across many different cultures. On the occasion of “INTERFERENCES” organized by M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, the artist exhibits "Distance" and “Va et Vient", which are a perfect example of her unique and innovative approach to art. "Distance" is a performance piece that explores themes of separation and connection. The scene of two women tied and kept apart by two columns, with a rope winding around them, is a powerful and visually intense image.

    The physical distance between the two women represents the emotional and psychological separation, which many of us can recognize and relate to in everyday life."Va et Vient", is another example of her unique and innovative approach to art. This wooden sculpture lying on the ground representing a half sphere explores themes of balance and tension. The precarious form of the sculpture creates a sense of tension and uncertainty, representing the delicate balance that exists in life and the struggle to maintain stability in a constantly changing world. GHEEM Sookyoung demonstrates her ability to create powerful visual images that evoke intense emotions and a deep connection with the audience. Her technique and style are unique and original, making her an artist to watch.

Art Curator
Martina ViesTI